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5 List of the Best Forex Brokers in the World (Recommended)

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Rekomendasi 5 Daftar Broker Forex Terbaik Didunia

Selecting by rating alone does not guarantee all trading needs are met. It could be a world-class broker actually has more complicated trading requirements that precisely limit the activities of traders. So that trading becomes more complicated done that impact on the profit earned. Be sure to do research first so that the selected forex brokers really in accordance with the purpose of trading is done.

In addition to adjusting the broker to the needs of trading, brokers must also be registered legal. This means that the broker must also be officially regulated by the official financial supervisory board. So that every transaction or trading conducted is under the supervision of the official financial institution. This condition will make every trader who trades feel safe and secure. Also make sure the broker also allows all kinds of trading techniques.

During this time there are many trading techniques used by traders. One of the most popular trading techniques and often done is scalping. Not many brokers free their partner traders to do scalping. In addition to scalping, other trading techniques used are hedging or locking until martingale. Here are the recommendations of the world’s best 5 forex brokers that are trusted for online trading:

Fxdd or Gainscope

One of the world class forex brokers that are widely used and recommended as trading partners is FXDD. In Indonesia alone FXDD is often referred to as GainScope which is representative of FXDD in Indonesia. As one of the world’s forex brokers, the professionalism and credibility of FXDD in forex trading is unquestionable. This is evidenced by the regulation of GainScope by the official NFA financial institutions as well as CTFC.

Brokers who have been registered officially will make trading activities conducted trader more comfortable and safe to do. Not only provide trading services, GainScope also serves gold trading. Even GainScope is one of the most recommended broker for gold trading. Using metatrader platform makes GainScope feasible to be a forex broker for forex trading as well as reliable gold trading.

Octaf Forex Broker

In addition to GainScope, the existence of forex brokers OctaFX is very popular among forex traders. OctaFX trading network reaches the whole world, even in Indonesia forex brokers this one already has its own partners and clients. So OctaFX as a world-class forex broker deserve to be considered a forex trading broker required by traders. OctaFX has many advantages that make it a lot of selected traders.

One of OctaFX’s advantages is not using requote. In addition to not using requote, OctaFX also has a sophisticated platform, the opportunity to provide greater benefits until the technology system used is very modern. Even with the use of separate accounts, OctaFX guarantees the common traders to trade forex along with OctaFX. Some of these advantages can make OctaFX a consideration as one of the 5 best forex broker list recommendations in the world.

Mfx or Masterforex

This world-class forex broker was established in 2006. Focusing its trading activities in Russia, the successful forex trading network reaches the whole world. Even in Indonesia itself, MFX has several representative branches that support forex trading activities conducted by traders. MFX in Indonesia is famous as one of the best forex brokers and also can be trusted as a place for forex trading.

One of the things that makes MFX the world’s best and trusted broker is already registered with several official financial bodies such as the US Patent and Trademark Office. So that all trading activities are guaranteed to always be under surveillance and safe. In addition MFX also often establish cooperation with local exchanger that allows trading activities more easily done because the deposit and withdrwa which is also easy.

Monex Investindo Futures Mifx

Many professional forex traders claim that Monex Investindo Futures is the world’s best forex trading partner. In addition to professional traders, Monex is well suited for beginner traders. Monex is not only a forex broker who serves forex trading activities only. But monex also provides the most appropriate guidance for forex trading activities for traders to invest their capital.

The quality as the best forex broker proved Monex through skill use of scalping techniques for traders who like to do it. The ability to use scalping is supported by a fairly low spread range so as not to lose with other forex brokers. Besides that is no less important in scalping technique is the duration of time to order. Monex enforces execution time for very short orders only a few seconds without the requote.


Yadix forex broker is very popular among traders because of the ease of scalping facilities that apply. Even many traders who deliberately recommend Yadix to other traders who do scalping techniques. Although only opened in 2012, but Yadix ensure that the permissibility facility using scalping that it offers is not inferior to other forex brokers who have stood earlier than him.

In addition to being regulated by major financial institutions such as SIBA, Yadix brokers also applied a small initial deposit of $ 100. Using leverage up to 1: 500 with a fairly low spread range. Traders typically have to select accounts with low enough spreads to support the ongoing scalping trading activity of the day. So that profit targets can be obtained during forex trading in Yadix.

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