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Do I Really Need To Buy Travel Insurance or Not?

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Tourists Indonesia generally still lay with travel insurance. Do we have to buy travel insurance on every trip? The following explanation is necessary or not.

Many travelers are questioning whether or not the travel insurance is necessary. Basically, travel insurance is useful for covering yourself in case of accident or medical disturbance. Many travel insurance is offered for Indonesian tourists, including AXA Travel Insurance, ACE Travel Insurance, and ACA Travel Insurance.

But actually, specific to Indonesian tourists, is travel insurance needed?

“Actually it’s important, we do not know what’s going to happen on the way. But the type of travel insurance is different depending on the needs, “said Sugiarto, Travel Insurance Product Owner Asuransi Central Asia (ACA) to KompasTravel exhibition Destination Europe 2016, Balai Kartini, Jakarta, Saturday (9/4/2016).

Travel insurance is basically different from the health insurance provided by the airline. Sugiarto said that the airline insurance only covers insurance from the point of departure to the point of arrival.

“While travel insurance cover insurance during the trip,” he added.

Type of travel insurance depends on two things, namely the length of travel and destination to be addressed. All visa applications in the Schengen area require travelers to have travel insurance.

“Schengen mandatory travel insurance. They are usually at least kind of executive, “said Sugiarto.

The type of executive in the ACA, he added, is insurance covering 50,000 Euro. For that kind of insurance, you only need to pay 21 US dollars before the visa application.

“Depending on the region. Schengen costs 21 US dollars, Asian countries cost 12 US dollars per week, “he added.

Travel insurance is necessary if there is an accident or medical disturbance while you are abroad. Sugiarto explained some cases commonly experienced by Indonesian tourists.

“In crisis countries such as southern Europe for example, tourists often claim to be hit by pickpocketing or missing items. Once a case, travelers were hit by dengue fever in Greece so we covered 40,000 Euros. This is because dengue is not a common disease in Greece so patients have to be transferred to larger hospitals, “he said.

Special northern European countries (Scandinavia), tourists must add travel insurance for 15 days just in case. Meanwhile, in addition to Europe, there are several other countries that according to Sugiarto require travel insurance.

“In Asia, the medical costs of Japan and Korea are equivalent to European countries. So does the US, “he added.

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