Types of Insurance Products

Types of Insurance Products

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Here is a glimpse of various insurance products that you need to know, so later engga confused with the many types of insurance products. Basically this is the products that are provided by kyher.

1. Fire InsuranceProvide assurance of property in the form of buildings, machinery, equipment / inventory and inventory of merchandise to the danger of fire, lightning, explosion, falling aircraft, smoke, and expansion of risk riots, floods, earthquakes and so forth.For Property Insurance Items, there is also a Property All Risks / Industrial All Risks product which is basically a policy that guarantees all (sudden) risks that occur suddenly and unexpectedly, except for certain risks that are specifically excluded in the policy.
2. Business Interruption Insurance/ Loss of Profit InsuranceProvide guarantees for loss of profit / gain profit that should be obtained, as a result of the accident due to fire, natural disaster, and others experienced by the Insured’s business / factory.
3. Home InsuranceProvide comprehensive guarantees against losses on buildings, contents and valuables in the home, due to risks of fire, lightning, explosion, falling aircraft, smoke, theft, riots, floods, earthquakes, personal accident / spouse the Insured’s legal liability to its domestic workers and other third parties.
4. Motor Vehicle InsuranceComprehensive Guarantees Assure motorists against risks such as collisions, burglaries, upside down, fire, and can be extended with flood warranties, earthquakes, riots, riots, third party legal liability, and temporary car rental charges when the car is repaired at the workshop .
Total Loss Only Guarantee (TLO) Provides guarantees on motor vehicles against the risk of car theft, fire and accidents in which losses / losses reach at least 75% of the market price of the vehicle.
5. Personal Accident InsuranceProviding collateral for damages caused by accident caused by the insured, whether resulting in death, permanent disability and medical expenses, applies worldwide for 24 hours.
6. Health InsuranceProvides guarantees for losses caused by illness or by accident. Losses in question is a loss in the form of costs / bills of the treatment made due to illness or accident. In general, the main guarantee is to guarantee Inpatient costs, and may be added for Outpatient, Dental, Eyeglass, and Childbirth. For the cost borne, there is an inner limit or warranty limit per action type, and there is an outer limit or overall limit of treatment measures.
In addition to replacing the cost of care, there is also a replacement loss of income due to the Insured hospitalized in the Hospital. For this type is usually a guarantee of daily compensation and not reimbursement of costs contained in the bill care.
7. Travel InsuranceGuarantee the risks that occur while traveling. Personal accident, illness, delay or loss of luggage, delay or cancellation of travel, emergency evacuation, and others. Divided into two types of travel, namely domestic travel and travel abroad. There is a choice of policy period, ie annual or short-term (short-period) in accordance with the length of travel.
8. Life InsuranceProvide a guarantee for the death risk experienced by the Insured. Assurance given in the form of compensation amount of funds given to the Heir of the Insured. The main function of life insurance is to replace the economic value of the insured against the beneficiary.

There are several types of life insurance, term life insurance, life-insurance (whole-life), endowment life insurance, and unit-linked life insurance. Each type of life insurance has the characteristics of each according to the needs of the Insured.
9. Marine Cargo InsuranceProvide assurance on the delivery of goods, either by land or sea transport.
10. Hull and Machinery InsuranceProvide warranties for damage to or damage to the ship, engine or equipment of the vessel against the dangers of the guaranteed seas, which begin when leaning to sail from one port to another in coverage and certain policy periods disepakai by the ship owner or the shipping party with the insurer, which can be extended with additional other guarantees, such as the danger of war, rescue charges and other expenses.
11. Insurance Protection & Indemnity (P&I)It is one type of marine insurance, as well as a complementary vessel insurance framework, which provides protection against liability from third parties for loss, damage to ships, property and / or bodily injury suffered by third parties as a result of the owner’s negligence or mistake or crew in the operation of a ship within a certain period of time. This product also includes pollution liability, crew liability, and wreck removal.
12. Pleasure Craft InsurancePleasure Craft Insurance or Cruise Ship is a guarantee given to the vessel’s frame against marine dangers, collisions, hijackings, sacrifices in ship’s rescue vessels and some other risks. One of these marine insurance branches is usually required for the owner or operator of a yacht that operates his ship not more than 30 nm from the shoreline and which has a speed of no more than 17 knots. This ship is also usually used for private use and / or limited rentals for diving, exploration, and other sea tourism.
13. Stevedores LiabilityWork related to loading and unloading of goods at ports or warehousing involving the movement of goods from ship to storage or vice versa by using services / employees of loading and unloading with or without equipment. Legal liability related to loading and unloading may be guaranteed by Stevedores Liability insurance that protects the loading and unloading company from lawsuits against loss of goods damage (including loss of use guarantee) or risk of death, bodily injuries suffered by third parties, including claims coming from owner / manager of the ship, owner / manager of the port who suffered losses due to negligence by stevedores.
14. Ship Repairer’s LiabilityAny ship that sails according to the provisions shall perform routine maintenance or repairs to meet the standards of disability and seaworthiness. This policy provides guarantees for damage to vessels that are in the process of routine maintenance work or repairs made by the insured including the work of moving the ship in the area around the port where the ship is carried out routine maintenance or repair; including a shipping trial with a maximum distance of 100 miles from the port where the ship’s premises are located; damage and loss to the cargo that is above or dismantled on the ship being repaired / carried out routine maintenance or on the vessel located around the shipyard of the insured; damage and loss to equipment or machinery discharged from a vessel that is in the process of regular repair or maintenance as long as the insured has the ability to maintain such equipment and machinery, etc.
15. Terminal/ Port Operator LiabilityTerminal Insurance / Port Operator Liability provides protection against third party lawsuits as a result of work performed by the port operator or by subcontractors working on a contractual or contractual basis with the port operator, in the port or terminal area and becomes legal liability of the operator or sub-contractor of the port. A lawsuit may include the risk of loss and damage to property or death, injury to a third party entity located in the port operator’s working area including loss of use, demurrage warranties. The Policy also provides reimbursement of legal fees and other costs incurred in connection with any claim from a third party to the operator or sub-contractor of the port, including the cost of removal of a third party shipwreck in the port area.
16. Marine Professional IndemnityAn insurance policy policy in a marine class that protects corporate or professional workers in the maritime field whose expertise can sometimes lead to a negligent omission of a third party, such as an error providing a measurement, assessment, survey or evaluation of a job that should be done under a contract by the worker. The policy also provides assurance of legal liability to third parties in the form of loss of property and risk of death, bodily injury. Some types of work that can be guaranteed this policy for example: marine surveyor, naval architects, etc.
17. Charterer’s LiabilityThis marine liability insurance is designed to provide the required liability for the rental of a vessel to carry out maintenance, maintenance and supervision of the vessel at the time of operation of the vessel to remain in control of the shipowner. Under the charter agreement is also known as chartering the contract of chartering of vessels. The insurer shall provide compensation to the charterer of the vessel (other than the Demise Charter / Bareboat based charter) against any lawsuit, loss, expense incurred during the insurance period and relating to the operation of the vessel insured. Guarantees provided include: general guarantees given to Marine P & I coverage (bodily injury suffered by crew, passengers, quarantine, shipwrecks, pollution, collision liability with other vessels, towage liability, fines and penalties, stowaways & refugees, General Average & Salvage etc); the tenant’s legal liability includes loss of function / usefulness against damage to the insured vessel.
18. Mortgage Interest InsuranceMortage Interest Insurance is an insurance policy that provides protection to a mortgage lender (financial institution) or collateral holder (insured) of the mortgaged vessel. The lender or collateral holder has been included as one of the names of the insured persons who have an interest in the vessel that is pledged in the H & M and / or P & I policies.

This Interest Mortage Policy will provide reimbursement to the insured against the loss as a result of the insurance policy guaranteeing that H & M and / or P & I do not provide reimbursement or pay a loss less than the actual amount of damage, as a result of the vessel being damaged or have legal liability accidental, unforseen, unexpected). Some of the risks covered by this policy are: claims arising from a breach by the ship owner or manager of a non-disclosure, misrepresentation; any breach of waranty granted by H & M and / or P & I policies; not executing reasonable precautions by the owner or manager of the vessel resulting in loss; deliberate action by the owner or manager of the ship; misconduct by the owner or manager of the vessel in the event of a claim process under H & M and / or P & I policies; violation of loss reporting deadline, etc.
19. Contractor All Risks InsuranceProvide protection to the insured who suffers material damage and / or damage to property or bodily injury experienced by a third party as a result of unforseen risk during the insurance period and is not included in the exclusion in the policy for the development work project.
20. Erection All Risks InsuranceProvide protection to the insured who suffers material damage and / or damage to property or personal injury experienced by third parties as a result of unforseen risks during the insurance period and is not included in the exclusion of the policy for the machine installation project.
21. eavy Equipment InsuranceProvide guarantees for loss / damage to equipment / equipment (tractor, forklit, etc.) due to accident or due to violent loss.
22. Machinery Breakdown InsuranceProvides guarantees for damage to machinery and equipment during operation.
23. Civil Engineering Completed Risk InsuranceProvide assurance for infrastructure such as Toll Roads, Ports and Airports on Fire Risks, Explosions, Vehicle Crashes, Earthquakes, Volcanoes, Tsunamis, Storms, Floods, Inundations, Water Waves, Landslides, Land Movements, Crime from a person and risk of freezing ice.
24. Electronic Equipment InsuranceProvide warranty against damage / loss on electronic equipment / other electrical equipment due to physical damage during operation of the equipment. 
25. Liability InsuranceProvide collateral for loss as a legal liability to third party for damage to property or injury of third party due to the implementation of business activities or occupancy of the building belonging to the Insured.

Liability Insurance Products (Liability Insurance) are:
Public Liability (Public Liability to Public)Product Liability (Product Liability)Comprehensive General Liability (Public Legal Responsibility, Products, Advertising and can be extended further with employer responsibility and Automobile responsibilities in 1 package)
26. Asuransi Profesional IndemnityProvide guarantees for legal liability arising from breach of professional duties in the conduct of their Business.
27. Asuransi Director’s and Officer’s LiabilityProvide assurance to the Company’s Director & Officer of legal liability arising from the performance of their duties as a Director or Officer in a Company.
28. Asuransi Medical Malpractice LiabilityProvide assurance to Medical Practitioners for legal liability to third parties arising from breach of their medical profession duties due to negligent, errant or alpha acts committed by the insured.
29. Asuransi Association LiabilityProvide assurance to the Director & Officer and the Committee of members of the Association of an Organization of legal liability arising from the performance of their duties as a Director or Officer within an Organization. 
30. Money InsuranceCash in TransitProvide collateral for lost or damaged cash or money equivalent during the transportation journey, due to robbery / theft with dismantling and other violent means.Cash in Safe Provides a guarantee for the loss of cash or that can be equated with the money saved in the vault, due to robbery / theft with dismantling and other violent means.
31. Fidelity Guarantee InsuranceProvides guarantees for loss of cash / negotiable financial instruments, and property of the insured as a result of employees’ own dishonesty.
32. Burglary InsuranceGuarantee losses due to theft of insured property, which is preceded by the violence of building destruction. 
33. Asuransi Golf Hole in OneProvides guarantees for organizers of golf tournaments over prizes awarded to the golfer who successfully booked Hole in One. 
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