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Why do we Need Buy Insurance

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1. Protection against loss of Income

No one what will happen tomorrow. What if you go and never come home again, have you prepared the best for your family or loved ones. Make sure if you go forever your family still feel the love with the inheritance you have prepared in the form of insurance policy.

2. A way of saving or for Retirement Preparation

In this life there are 2 risks that we can not avoid, ie live too fast or too long. If you are given a long life have you prepared the funds for your retirement? Old age when you are not productive anymore and the disease began to arrive automatically cost of living is increasing? Are you ready? Preparing for retirement if starting from a young age will be better because the amount saved is less than if we were 40 years old, but better late than nothing. Saving in life insurance is the best alternative choice for the following reasons:

a. Regular: because if you save only occasionally or if there is more money and even saving if you want to save, you can be sure you do not have enough money for your old age.

b. Required: there is a commitment to set aside some money either likes or dislikes for a certain time limit.

c. You have money but it is not easy to access (no ATM) thus reducing the temptation to use it, so the goal of saving will be achieved.

3. For children’s education

Every child is entitled to achieve his ideals, how do you prepare educational funds for them ?. Have you realized how much tuition fees are needed until they reach the undergraduate ?. If you are aware of this and preparing for an education fund as early as possible is a wise decision that will ease your burden in due time if these costs are to be incurred

4. The benefits of treatment and hospitalization.

Health can not be guaranteed, even the most health conscious person also realizes that every year her health will start to decline. If there is a product that offers you free treatment or if you are sick do not need to use your savings, are not you interested? Because we provide an inpatient program which when the benefits have been completed the money will be returned.

5. Calculate Self-Value

What is your worth? If you recognize how precious you are to yourself and to your family, have you covered yourself with the appropriate coverage for yourself?

6. A very valuable investment

How does one define a good investment? Often only one Criteria is a high rate of return which is usually measured from the interest rate. Did you know that the most valuable investments are those who pay the best when they are most needed. Have you known the answer?

7. To Reduce Taxes

Saving in life insurance can reduce taxes because the premium paid is not considered an income. Currently the tax is still on the side of insurance because insurance has a noble value. This is a good investment choice, it is time you buy insurance.

8. Security of the creditors

Many people think that they do not have creditors at the moment. But no one ever knows when creditors will show up. And when they come at the worst and painful time for the family to face. How sad to see home and all wealth taken by force because the creditor has the legal right to do so.

No one business is guaranteed to succeed. Businesspeople realize how lucky they are to set aside some money to guarantee the family, just in case things do not work out. If all goes well, your bonus still has savings for the family.

9. Peace of Mind

Why do you worry if you can be assured? By setting aside some money regularly you can divert your kwatir to the insurance company.

Nevertheless there are still people who choose to keep feeling kwatir or lbih worse is choosing to take risks. If you do not insure yourself, do not you think that your winner and even your loved ones will also suffer this concern.

10. Funeral Costs

Have you prepared the funds or the money on the way back to heaven? Can not be denied when you have to leave this world also need funds that are not small. It would be wise if we had prepared it.

11. Work at high risk

Do you have a high risk job? If you are aware of your current employment risk it would be wise if you paid a slightly larger premium to get a calm

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